Oct 24, 2008

A tour of my week...

Hello All! I am not dead. I did not fall off the face of the earth or run away to a foreign country- although that idea does have some merit.

I did, howev-ah, have an insane week, so instead of boring you with one of my favorite things today, I have decided to bore you with the details of my week. I love having all of the power (insert sinister laugh track)!


We took both boys to Homecoming in Athens. This was Daniel's first game.

Notice how Daniel spent his time "between the hedges."

After two services at church, we hosted "Brother John's Traveling Salvation Small Group," Sunday afternoon.


A Blur. I actually cannot remember what I did all day Monday. Hmmmmm.....


I spent the day with well over a hundred Kindergartners at Jaemor Farms in north Georgia. We had a blast picking apples and riding a hayride around the farm that didn't have any hay on it.


I attempted to help Susannah start her new blog Honey in My Coffee. We got her all set up, now I just have to teach her how to use blogger. Maybe next week.

Then we made pumpkin t-shirts with Elijah, Benjamin, and Amy.


I spent the day at the dentist with Jonah. He had to get three holes in his teeth patched. He now has three pirate teeth because they neglected to inform me that they were sticking stainless steel crowns in my baby's mouth.

Note to moms and dads: If your child needs a filling or crown, and you want to be vain like me, request porcelain crowns before they go back to the dentist chair instead of finding out afterwards like I did. :) Just a little friendly advise.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon fighting with him about why the dentist had told him that he could not ride his bike!

That was my week in a nutshell. Today I am headed to Fall Festival at J's school then back for the afternoon to make a pumpkin display with his class. If anyone is looking for me, I will be in the loony bin,

2 comments that bring me joy:

Jackamo said...

Glad you're alive.

Coleman said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Troye! I hope you had a great day!