May 5, 2009

I bought a cow!

Yes. There is half of a cow in my freezer. My small group that is based on natural/ healthy eating found "a guy" to purchase a farm raised, grass fed cow from. How crazy is that? We actually ended up purchasing 3 cows in total, but our family bought half of one.
I went to pick it up yesterday, and the first thing that I pulled up and saw at the butcher was two live cows in a pin. My thoughts were..."Whoa, am I really going to do this? Poor cows." I eat meat all of the time (and love it), but this makes it a little too close to home. In door number two, I saw two animals hanging, and about ten minutes later I looked in and a dude was butchering one. CRAZY! In door number three, this sweet little lady takes us into a humongous freezer to get our beef. Then she tells us that her husband, Big John, who owns the place has steped out because one of the goats got loose. Smart goat- run little goat; run like the wind!!!!! When Big John returned, he was not happy because he didn't find the goat, but he did get out of his truck with his rifle- just in case. I have to say it again- CRAZY!
So, I have about 60 lbs of ground beef, 30 pkgs of steak and a dozen roasts in my freezer. Anyone want to come over for dinner?
I am not going to post the photos that I took because I don't want to make anyone sick or turn anyone into a vegetarian (if I haven't already).

2 comments that bring me joy:

Christy said...

I just bought a quarter of a cow!!! My freezer is packed! Rob picked our meat up... no way I'm going anywhere like that! I don't want to think about it... but it sure is yum!

life in recipes said...

Hi Troye:

I came across your site through Pioneer Woman (when she visited Atlanta and listed Atl bloggers, you were there), but what's weird is I know your husband - we did theatre together many years ago. Anyway, I'm curious about this cow you bought and would like to know more. Could you email me?

Niki Fox