Nov 3, 2006

Okay here are a couple of updated photos. I could not resist bragging about Chris' pumpkin carving talents this week! Isn't that awesome?
We had a blast trick or treating in the neighborhood. Of course by the time Haloween actually rolled aroun, the boys had already donned their costumes twice, and I was really afraid that I was going to have a hard time convincing them to wear them one more time. But we had no trouble.
We cought up with several neighbors and trick or treated with some older kiddos. Jonah was right in stride. He didn't want to skip any house, and he hung right in there with the big boys. After the first couple of houses when I would ask him is he had said "thank you," he would come down the driveway yelling, "MAMA, I SAID THANK YOU!"
Daniel could have cared less about the candy for the most part. He just wanted to go into all of the houses. Of course by the time he made it up to the doors, most of the children had moved on to the next house. He was happy to continually ring the doorbell and then run inside. At one house, he went missing in the throng of costumed children, and I asked the couple at the door if there was a young green dinosaur running around their house. They had not seen one, and then an older daughter came from the back of the house with Daniel who had wandered into her room. :)
Fun times! Happy fall!!!!!