Jul 29, 2009

Happy Birthday D!!!!!!!!!

Five years ago today, D-Man came into our lives!!!!!!

(sidenote: I have been battling with blogger all day to get these photos in the correct order, and since I have obviously lost the battle, try to keep up with me).

D at one month...

Four years...

Five years...

Three years...

One year...

And, for his fifth birthday, we celebrate him as he told everyone else Happy Birthday today!!!!!
Love you, D!!!!!
In joy, Troye

Jul 26, 2009

Duelling Mohawks

J-Dawg has only 2 weeks left of his mohawk, so we decided to cut one for The Man as well.
Don't they look tough? Don't mess with them!

Jul 25, 2009

The Tortilla Man

A little mishap with bread dough (uh, I forgot to add yeast) led to my first attempt at tortillas. I borrowed a tortilla press from a friend (shout out to Kasey) months ago, but I have been afraid to try to make homemade tortillas.
When I checked my dough and realized that it hadn't risen, I decided on plan B, and got the tortilla press out...
It was so easy!!!!!
I know that they look like pancakes in this photo, but they are tasty homemade tortillas made with fresh ground wheat. They are delicious with nothing on them fresh off the griddle.
And, here is J-Dawg's "moon face" with his hot-off-the-press tortilla!

Jul 9, 2009

Patchwork Scarf

A scarf for Sarah- Grace.
I sewed together two pieces of an old pair of jeans for one side...

Then cut out random lengths of scrap fabric and pieced them together for side two...

Then added Sarah Grace's initials to the denim side (you can see the beginning of the "S" here)...

Sewed the pieces right sides together, and then turned it right side out to top stitch the edges...

Jul 8, 2009

Dry Rub

This somewhat coastal, somewhat cajun dry rub is fantastic on EVERYTHING- fish, chicken, veggies, beef.
Mix some up and hang on to it as long as you can. You'll want to use it often though, so you might want to double up.

2 tbsp coarse sea salt
2 tbsp sucanat (brown shugah)
1 tbsp black pepper
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp dried basil
1 tbsp paprika
1 tbsp dried tarragon

Rub meat or veggie with oil and then rub a generous amount of this mixture, and grill to perfection! We used this for sweet red, yellow, and orange peppers and salmon last week... DELISH!!!!!