Jul 26, 2007

Napping in the Closet

Daniel obviously had fun ransacking the closet before he passed out for his nap. Zzzzzzzzzz....

Lunch with Raliegh and Camden

Raliegh and Camden Queen (and their mama, Rea) came to play with us and eat lunch today. They played dress up. Jonah was a pirate (and Buzz Lightyear, and Superman, and Mr. Incredible- he changed a lot), and Raliegh and Camden were princesses. They had to wear slips out of my closet because I did not have any little girl dress up clothing. :) Here is a picture of Jonah with the girls.

Jul 25, 2007

Speech Aerobics

Ms. Mindy and Mr. Scott
Jonah with a couple of the other kiddos (and Daniel sneaking into the picture).
Jonah just completed a six week speech aerobics class at Greater Atlanta Speech and Language Clinics. He loved it. He was in a group of 8 kiddos with a Speech Language Pathologist and a Physical Therapist. The class combined movement with speech and social skills. It was awesome for Jonah, and I really feel like he learned a lot. We had to trek all the way to Duluth (and only got stuck in one major traffic jam on I-85). Not too bad for good ole ATL. We also had to eat supper at Sonic on the way home each week. Yummy!!!

Jul 20, 2007

Brodie's haircut

Brodie pre- haircut
After haircut (she looks a little ashamed, doesn't she?)
Since Brodie does not like to be brushed, we decided to have her shaved for the summer. She looks like a chemo patient. Actually if you just look at her body, she looks like a yellow lab, but then you look at her head and tail, and it gives her away.

Jul 19, 2007

Speech therapy with Ms. Deborah

Here is a photo of Daniel having speech with Ms. Deborah. She comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week until Daniel's third birthday...

More Hippotherapy

Daniel got to ride a big daddy (or mama) horse last week named Pebbles. He was the first child to have therapy on Pebbles, and she did a favulous job handling him very gently. Spunky was temporarily lame, and we are not sure who we will ride next week, but Daniel sure did look like a big boy up on Pebbles.

Jul 18, 2007

Premier Designs Rally

Four "generations" of Premier...
"My Girls..." Tuesday, Tammy, and Marsha.

I had a blast at rally in Fort Worth, TX again this year. The new jewelry line is fabulous, and I was reminded once again of what an awesome company I have the opportunity to be involved with.
I am often asked if I am going to a "rah rah- sell-some-jewelry" convention. In my seven years with Premier, I have never heard Andy Horner, our president, encourage us to sell jewelry. His focus is always on serving. One jeweler described rally so much more eloquently than I ever could... She said, "Premier rally is like a Billy Graham crusade meets The Price is Right."
Here is an article that ran in the Fort Worth newspaper while we were there: