May 30, 2008

Washington Farms

We traipsed off to Watkinsville yesterday to strawberry pick. The berries were small, but delicious. I had help for about the first half gallon, and then I was on my own.
How about the cutest little strawberry harvester you have ever seen? I think that he consumed more than he placed in the bucket even with my constant reminders that they were not washed yet. Papa even joined us for some reinforcements, which was fabulous when all the boys deserted me to play on the nearby playground.
Jonah and Grant's favorite was the super high tree swing.
When I went to pay for my strawberries (only $8 a gallon by the way), the dude at the checkout was going to give me a discount because my buckets were not completely full. I told him that was to make up for the berries that were eaten along the way. After we finished at the berry patch, we had a picnic lunch, and came home for some R&R. Here is what three little boys look like after a long day on the farm.

May 23, 2008

Field Day and Last Day of School

I can't believe that Jonah is officially out of preschool. He made it, and it seems that his teachers survived as well. Of course there is an unwritten rule that all schools must cram as many activities into the last few weeks of school as possible, so here are some photos of field day and Jonah's graduation picnic...

I'm not sure what this little girl's name is, but I had to include her because she wore a tiara the entire field day. Because what field day ensemble is complete without my tiara?

There were Dizzy Bat Derbys...

Amazing displays of balance...

And even potato sack (or in this case, pillow case) relays...

Here is Jonah with his teacher, Ms. Holland on the last day of preschool. We had a wonderful year. Great job big boy!

May 22, 2008

Tagged again

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here are the rules for this meme:

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Try to ignore how I broke the rules by hyphenating and trying to make a phrase one word. :) consider the source. Six words could never be enough. I'm also a little disjointed, so I had to come up with six separate words instead of a phrase.

Andrea, you are tagged.
Kristina, you too.
Melanie, you are it as well.

May 15, 2008

Kum Ba Ya

We finally did it. We have been talking about taking the boys camping since Jonah left the crib behind- because who wants to take two pack and plays on a camping trip? Now that both boys are out of pack and plays, we finally planned a trip...

We took the Sanford's with us- or they took us with them, and we camped at Watson Mill Bridge State Park. Here is our campsite all set up.

Friday night we enjoyed Smores, and then we finally got the boys settled and asleep.

Around 4 o'clock in the morning, Chris woke up to use the restroom, and when he got up, he found Kristina and Christopher up as well. They had seen lightning flashes off in the distance, and although there was not a cloud in the sky, they decided to put all of our stuff away just in case. Within fifteen minutes, there was a HUGE thunder storm on top of us. It poured, and the lightning was flashing at the same time that the thunder was crashing. It lasted for about two hours. Good times in a tent.

By the time we got up on Saturday, the sky was clear, but everything was soaked (including a little inside of each of our tents). We got to enjoy our day though playing on the playground,

and on the rocks and waterfall.

Grant and Jonah also loved feeling like big boys and riding their bikes around the campground by themselves.

See the waterfall and covered bridge in the distance. It was beautiful.

We also hiked on some of the trails. I have never seen so many ticks in all my life. I pulled two off of Jonah that were already attached, and we pulled over twenty off of all of us combined. It was insane.

The boys also enjoyed a massive water baloon fight. You know the kind where the mommys spend twenty minutes filling the baloons, and the kids take two minutes to throw them at each other.

This is where poor Jaxon spent a lot of his time. Attached to the picnic table. Poor baby.

And, just in case you were wondering. This is what four boys look like at the end of a campout.

And, here is the end of the story...

Saturday evening, when we finished smores and baths for the boys, someone drove by to warn us that the storms coming through that night would be worse than the night before. Since we were going to enjoy pancakes and break camp first thing Sunday morning, we decided to see how fast we could load up and head home instead of braving the storm (again). Forty- five minutes later we were in our vehicles headed home. Jaxon was already asleep when we made the decision, and I don't know if you can see the pack and play in the middle of this picture of the boys taking the tents down. But, Jaxon is asleep in the pack and play. They literally took the tent down around him and he stayed asleep.

Good times were had by all.