Jun 13, 2007

Mowing the Lawn

Jonah helping Daddy mow the lawn in his "ear plugs like Daddy."

With his new haircut and growing maturity, he is a constant reminder as to what a big boy he is. What amazes me is how he can continue to get older, and yet I stay the same. Funny how that works, huh?

Jun 7, 2007

Marsha's Luau Surprise

My mom, Marsha's 60th birthday was on June 6, and we successfully pulled off a surprise party for her before she left for Phoenix for two weeks. She was truly surprised, and she had a blast. We had a lot of fun with our backyard surfing (check out the photo of Doc Sue and Heath) and more food that even Daniel could eat. Happy Birthday Marmie!!!

The Snorkle Mask

Jonah saw a kid with a mask at the pool a couple of weeks ago, and had to have his own. We found a cheap one at Kroger of all places, and this is Jonah's day with the mask- notice that there are no photos of hime wearing it at the pool...

Memorial Day Parade

We went to the parade in Dacula for Memorial Day, and the boys had a blast eating candy. Daniel pretty much just took up residence in the middle of a mound of candy and rotted his teeth out in a matter of minutes. :) He also really enjoyed trotting like the horses that he saw.

Here are a couple of photos.