Jan 24, 2007

A New Year

I know that is is almost February, and I am just now talking about a New Year. I'm a little behind this year. Maybe I will start next year on time. Doesn't look promising though. :)

Things are humming along in the Stadler household. Jonah love Duncan Creek, and is there three days a week. He gets to ride the bus, and he loves his bus drivers Miss Phyllis and Miss Becky (different morning and afternoon drivers). He is doing a great job at school and is making tremendous progress. I talked to his teacher the other day, and she said that she definitely sees him in a more lenient placement next school year.

Daniel is still trucking with all of his therapy although Kidsplay has cancelled mother's morning out on Mondays, so he only goes to "school" one day a week now. That just brings more therapy home and means that I don't have to trek over to Grayson twice a week anymore. It also means that I only have one very short morning to run all of my errands sans kiddos. So, when you are trying to reach me on a Wednesday morning, I am running around somewhere in Snellville like a chicken with her head cut off. Daniel is progressing well too, and we are still waiting for the day when he breaks into full sentences, but it is coming one word at a time. It is amazing how every utterance is such a blessing.

We give God the glory for all of their progress and pray asking for more each day!!!

Love you all!!!