Apr 11, 2007


We took Jonah and Daniel for their first trip to the sacred ground of Sanford Stadium in Athens this past weekend. UGA had a scrimage game, and we thought it would be a good time to let the boys experience a little college football. They both had a blast.

Jonah alternated between wanting to "throw the football to the boys" and "playing his party horn" otherwise known as a tuba. He wanted to go ask the Redcoat Marching Band players if he could hold their party horn. :) Maybe next year, Jonah.

Apr 10, 2007

Jonah turns 4!

Wow! What a birthday!
We celebrated Jonah's fourth birthday in the backyard with two moonwalks (otherwise known as "Bouncys" in our house), a moon rock hunt (plastic eggs wrapped in tin foil hidden in the backyard), alien juice (green kool aid), moon cupcakes, flying saucers, astonaut floats (tang and vanilla ice cream), and lots of friends, family, food, and fun!!!!!!!
We had a blast.
Thank you to all of you who were able to celebrate with us. It was a special day!