Dec 8, 2006

You saw the schedule, right?

For those of you who are upset with me for not blogging in a very long time, I just want you to refer to the most recent schedule. (insert throat clearing noises)

Here is a quick update...

Jonah started a new school right around the corner from us- Duncan Creek Elementary School- after Thanksgiving. He goes to school three full days a week now, and he loves it. In his new class, he gets much more one-on-one attention and more speech therapy. My only concern is that he is the hightest functioning kiddo in the classroom. I am giving it a short transition period- at least through the holidays- before I address it with his new teacher. We get a full page written report from the teacher daily, and he is doing great. He does all of his work independently, and his only difficult time is rest time after lunch. Some of the other children actually nap, and Jonah is reportedly restless- imagine that. :) Other than that, he is happy and doing very well.

Daniel's therapy is very much the same. We are trying to work out some scheduling kinks during his Mother's Morning Out time, but other than that he is doing awesome. He adds a new word to his vocabulary almost daily. Yesterday he said "yellow," "nose," and "eye." I am thrilled with his progress. We are still struggling with implementation of ABA. Right now I am receiving Incidental Therapy training for myself. This is basically ABA applied to the "real world." I would still love to find some ABA therapists to come into the house to add to his program. Anyone who can recommend someone who is trustworthy, reliable, wants to commit to Daniel for the next eight months, loves kids, and will work for the dirt that I will be able to pay them will move straight to the top of my list of favorite people. :) Any takers?

love you all!!!

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