Feb 24, 2007

Tough Cookie

Things are going well in the Stadler household. I realize that it has been a full month since my last post, but at least it has only been a month. :) Here are the highlights...

Jonah's school is going awesome. We had a parent teacher conference on the 14th, and his teacher had to set up another meeting to revise all of the goals on his IEP (individualized education plan) because he has mastered all of the goals that we set for him back in November. I knew that he was capable of a lot of the things that we had set as goals, but he just was not preforming up to his capabilities during the evaluation. But honestly, he has even mastered some of the goals that I didn't know that he could do. AWESOME!!!!! His teachers and the other tudents love him, and he is a leader in the classroom.

We also started a Lil' Allstars clas son thursday mornings. It is a six week class where they spend the first two weeks on basketball skills, the second two weeks on t-ball skills, and the last two weeks on soccor skills. Jonah loved it, and they were all so cute running around on the court.

Daniel is still currently going to MMO in Grayson only one day a week, but I am moving him closer to home beginning in March. He will return to his Monday/ Wednesday schedule and attend at Hamilton Mill First United Methodist. I am looking forward to not having to make that drive. :)

On February 8th, Jonah, Chris and I spent twelve hours in two emergency rooms. We started off the morning with Jonah's face split open in several places. We went to Gwinnett Medical first, and after three hours, they sent us to Scottish Right. They realy wanted a pediatric specialist to suture him, and they knew that we would need to sedate him. Fifty-five minutes of anesthesia and thirty- six stitches (on the outside, we hav not idea how many are on the inside) later, we finally made it home around ten o'clock at night. The doctor that stictched him did a phenomenal job, and the stitches that Jonah did not pull out on his own have now dissolved. He will have a nice little scar above his eye and on his cheek, but fortunately he is young enough that over time, they will probably be minimal.

We are not sure exactly what happened, and we may never know. We know that dog food and dogs were involved, but Jonah sticks to his story that Brodie knocked him down. We could not find any site of initial blood, but it could be that he didn't really start bleeding until he got up and moved. We did take both dogs and Jonah to the vet to get her professional opinion as to whether it was a dog bite and if so, which dog. She said that it did not really look like a dog bite, and it looked more like a scratch to her. Without conclusive evidence, we are giving both dogs the benefit of the doubt, and just monitering their behavior around the boys. Jonah is not fearful of either dog, which is another reason that we feel comfortable that it was not a bite.

The photo that I am including is of Jonah the day after the stitches in his Tough Cookie shirt that our friend Andrea made for him- who by the way was a lifesaver on the day that we spent in the ER!!!