Jan 8, 2008

Wednesday Me For Works

It's Works for Me Wednesday Time over at Rocks in my Dryer one of my regular blog stops. Shannon usually has friends and fellow bloggers add tips for other junkies- mostly moms. Today, she is turning the tables though and hosting SDRAWKCAB (that's backwards spelled backwards just in case you didn't get it) Works for Me Wednesday, where I get to request information from you.
I want to compile some of your most inexpensive menu plans. Be frugal, be thrifty, and let me know some of your favorite recipes that are dirt cheap. Depending on what I compile, I will post some weekly family menus and shopping lists that won't stretch your budget.
One more thing. Thank you!!!

2 comments that bring me joy:

Anonymous said...

Try this one.

Jackamo said...

This doesn't fit what you're asking for, but I did just hear an excellent time and torment saver on The Splendid Table (NPR)yesterday. They said that the BEST, most forgiving, and quickest way to cook rice of ANY type is to cook it like pasta! Get a pot of salted water to a good boil, dump the rice in for about 5 minutes, then dump it into a sieve to strain. Taste test it before straining. It should be slightly underdone b/c it will continue to cook a tad in the sieve. They swear it will not scorch, clump, burn, or stick, that it will cook quickly and be perfect. I can't wait to try this!