Mar 23, 2008

Football Party

We celebrated Jonah's birthday football style. We had several Georgia Bulldogs (of course), a Cincinnati Bengal, a Green Bay Packer, a GT Jacket, an Atlanta Falcon, an Indianapolis Colt, and an LSU Tiger cheerleader.

Chris and I were officially the referees. Of course Chris was right in the middle of the game.

Jonah had a blast (and so did his Daddy). Of course, Jonah did not have to request Ibuprofen later in the day. Notice Gavin with the "medic" truck ready to take the injured off of the field.

Fumble recovery. Check out Jonah's Black out jersey!

A match made in heaven. Or is it? We all know that mixed marriages are doomed for failure!
Thanks to all who came to celebrate with Jonah.

2 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea said...

Ibuprofen, huh? I would have thought a morphine drip from the number of players piled on top of the ref! Great party!

Jackamo said...

I'm not believing that you had ref shirts and everything. Seriously, if I can ever get you guys to move here, you're my official party planner. I think of that kind of stuff, but I need someone to make me follow through. Ooo! Let's live in the same place (hint...) and start a children's party planning bidness!!! You can sell jewelry to the mom's during the party too.