May 30, 2008

Washington Farms

We traipsed off to Watkinsville yesterday to strawberry pick. The berries were small, but delicious. I had help for about the first half gallon, and then I was on my own.
How about the cutest little strawberry harvester you have ever seen? I think that he consumed more than he placed in the bucket even with my constant reminders that they were not washed yet. Papa even joined us for some reinforcements, which was fabulous when all the boys deserted me to play on the nearby playground.
Jonah and Grant's favorite was the super high tree swing.
When I went to pay for my strawberries (only $8 a gallon by the way), the dude at the checkout was going to give me a discount because my buckets were not completely full. I told him that was to make up for the berries that were eaten along the way. After we finished at the berry patch, we had a picnic lunch, and came home for some R&R. Here is what three little boys look like after a long day on the farm.

2 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea said...

Looks like WAY fun! Somehow we missed the tree swing when we were there-maybe that's a good thing!

Jenny said...

This is a comment on your Etsy shop:

I should have ordered your super cute baby sling when Ava was born. That girl went everywhere on my chest in the Baby Bjorn but I think at times, a sling would have been better on the ol' back. Guess it's Nik's fault for introducing us so late! ;)