Feb 22, 2008

Think vertically

This could be the title for a plethora of posts. I will start by saying that we need to first think vertically by checking ourselves with the word of God for everything that we do, but I am referring to a little more superficial vertical today. I know that our inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty, but we need to stay current with the times. "Charm can fool you, and beauty can trick you, but a woman who respects the Lord should be praised." Although this is true, it is not to be misconstrued that we should not worry about our outward appearance at all. Our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit, and we need to take care of them and make sure that we are not frumping for lack of effort. Okay, sopabox over with. Here is the real "Thinking Vertically."

When we dress, we need to think in terms of vertical lines. Everyone has heard that horizontal stripes make even the smallest frame appear bigger. I don't know about you, but I do not have any friends, myself included, who want to look bigger. But I am not just talking about avoiding horizontal stripes when you go shopping. I am talking about adding vertical lines to any outfit after you are dressed. There are many trends that are very current to help women out in this area.

  1. Think about adding an open jacket after you get dressed. Currently, trench coats are very fashionable, and they not only add vertical lines, but they also help to hide a "multitude of sins" (hips, bottoms, thighs). Check out this look from Ann Taylor. Even in the summer time, vertical lines can be added over a t-shirt by adding a light weight button up (left open).

  2. Think about adding a long necklace. You can layer this or keep is simple by just leaving it long. This creates a vertical line and draws the eye to the center of the body as opposed to the edges. It also draws the attention to the neckline and the face so that the eyes are not drawn to the waistline and hips.

  3. A Deep- V neckline can also create vertical lines. You can go here without being immodest by wearing the correct undergarmets and/ or wearing a lighter colered camisole underneath. This look from Lane Bryant not only utilizes the deep v neckline, but it also adds vertical lines in the seams for a slimming effect.

Have fun finding new ways to create vertical lines and lose weight without going on a diet. Now head on over to Ms. Fussypants for more Fight the Frump ideas.

3 comments that bring me joy:

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Never thought of it that way. Good tips! Thanks.

HRH said...

Love the long, lean look!

Johnina said...

Yes, nothing screams big like big stripes across your belly.
Love your soap box talk. Oh so true!