Feb 29, 2008


I must admit that I was a little nervous about the Chicken Lettuce Wrap recipe that was on the menu for last night. I had tried another recipe a couple of years ago, and they did not turn out like PF Chang's famous appetizer recipe.
Tita, as Daniel calls Kristina, sent me this recipe, and it turned out fabulously. Gracias, Tita. It is not exactly the same, but it was stinking close enough to become a regular staple in our household. I will aslo double the recipe next time and try to freeze some. This also includes the recipe for PF Chang's special sauce that they mix at your table. It is also a pretty close facsimile. It does make a lot of the sauce so it is still sitting in my fridge for whoever may want to drop by with Chinese take out for lunch. I want fried rice, please.
Nikki, you are more than welcome to try this recipe (I can't believe that I am actually passing it on prior to a visit), but just know that it will be served the next time you are in town. :) Lalu!

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Jackamo said...

I will so be wanting to try those, but no fear, we'll be coming soon. I'll let you cook them for me FIRST. YUM. I cannot wait. Oh man. Lettuce wraps AND QT, I MISS YOU! Lalu!

Jackamo said...

Why don't you get a sitter for the weekend, come watch my kids for me and make The Man help me and B finish up the house. It goes on the market on Monday, come h*ll or high water!! DO IT!! We'll have fun too! I promise!

Jackamo said...

You can make us lettuce wraps! (To be read in a pleading, cajoling sort of voice)

Kim said...

So.....where's the recipe?????

Jackamo said...

In case no one responded, just click on the name of the recipe. It's a link.

Anonymous said...


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