Apr 30, 2008

I'm an ADD cleaner

I hate clutter. The Man and I were just discussing last night how we tend to err on the side of giving something away or throwing it out rather than hanging in to it (just in case we might need it later). But, I cannot stand to have clutter sitting around. Now keep in mind that I have children. Clutter and children apparantly go hand in hand. There are days when I feel like it is out of control, and those always seem to be the days when we are having company. Funny how that happens, huh?
When I am feeling overwhelmed, I have a tendency to start in one room (usually the kitchen) and never make it to any other room in the house. So, I have to limit myself. I will set the timer, start in one room and work there until the timer goes off. No exceptions. Then I move to the next room and reset the timer. It Works for me. Head on over to visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer to find other Works for Me tips.

3 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea said...

Hey! If you go under post options, you can change your post date to yesterday and it will look like you updated a day agon instead of TWO WEEKS AGO! LOL

Jenny said...

Hey Troye - I hope you get your camera/computer thing worked out! Anyway, I'm tagging you back for a short meme. Just check out my post from today.

Actually a friend of mine tagged me for this one the day after your tagged me for the last meme and I embarked on writing a saga for each one for heaven's sake...

It was fun anyway!

anna said...

Okay, I know this was forever ago, but I just had to comment. My man and I are the SAME way. There have been multiple times that we have ended up having to buy something twice because we hate clutter and "purge" things constantly. That's still better to us, though, than having stuff you may need sitting everywhere.

I have already started getting rid of extravagant baby stuff and he's not even here yet!