Apr 18, 2008

Seven Things...Seriously?

I'm not that interesting. Andrea over at Braun Family Circus tagged me for a meme, and apparantly she thinks that I am interesting enough to share seven little known facts about myself. Here is my best attempt:

  1. I have a phobia of elbows. I hate them. They are gross. They are usually dry, dirty, and nasty. I don't want them to touch me in any way, shape, or form, and if I do accidentally come into contact with someone else's elbow, I have to wipe my skin off. Is that a weird enough start?

  2. I have always wanted a pair of red cowboy boots. I don't know why. I don't live anywhere near Texas. No matter how out of style they may be, I want to wear them with a short denim skirt. I wouldn't mind a cute cowboy hat either, but not at the same time. I tried some very loud black and red ones on one time with Nikki, and she swore that she would not be seen with me if I purchased them. Sorry, Nikki...One day I will own a pair. I just can't help myself.

  3. When I was in Kindergarten, I was such a perfectionist that I wrote a lowercase "a" on my paper, and my teacher thought that I left the top of it open, and that it was a lowercase "u." I was so distraught that I got a 99% instead of a 100% that I cried and argued the grade. Wow! I was such a nerd. And, now I'm boring enough that I still remember it and am obviously scarred for life. This really is awful. I apologize to anyone who is still reading.

  4. I made the cheerleading squad my freshman year in high school. I quickly learned that getting along with seven other females in a forced environment was not my forte. I know that this will come as a shocker to those of you who know me well, but I can be a bit bossy. I ended up punching a girl on my squad in the face during a football game. I didn't try out the next year. I only ever punched a person in the face one other time in my life. I will leave that one up to the imagination.

  5. On our honeymoon, Chris and I ended up on a charter bus to get from the airport to our hotel in Miami. We were the only people besides the driver on the bus. We don't need no stinking taxi. I warned you that this wasn't worth reading.

  6. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a hair stylist, a teacher, an American Sign Language interpreter, and Wonder Woman. I think there may have been a brief aspiration to be Princess Lea too until I realized that the underoos I had were not her "real" outfit.

  7. To anyone who knows me, this is not a little known fact, but I am completely out of ideas. I could subsist on chips and salsa and popcorn if I knew that they weren't both horrible for me in excess. If I were ever stranded on an island, those would definitely be the two food items that I would request. My favorite salsas are homemade tomato salsa (recipe adapted from Andrea Braun) and Chili's salsa. Mmmmmmm. My current favorite popcorn is home popped in olive oil on the stovetop.

Here is who I tag to keep this meme going...

  1. Kristina Sanford (so that she will actually post something on her blog)
  2. My new friend, Jen
  3. An old friend, Melanie Crozier (Melanie's not old. I've just known her for a while).
  4. (and 5) The two smartest people I know, Nikki and Beth. I've only officially met Beth once, but I am nervous about tagging her because it means that she might actually read my blog, and that is just intimidating.

6. (and 7.) One of my favorite people that I never get to see and her son, Walker, Christy.

6 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea said...

You "adapted" my salsa recipe?!?!?!?!? I'm sure you meant ADOPTED, right, because the recipe is perfect and you wouldn't need to CHANGE it, right? ")

Jenny said...

Wow, Troye, I am seriously liking you more and more. I have ALWAYS wanted to punch somebody in the face. Actually, there were plenty of people that I have wanted to punch over the course of my lifetime.

The closest I ever got was jerking a girl's sun visor down around her neck and trying to look intimidating after she heckled me at a softball game. I, too, want cowboy boots, but only boring brown.

I think that I am in your boat trying to come up with seven things. I'll be thinking about it and post something tomorrow, hopefully. Also, I am not sure who else to tag ... I need more bloggy friends.

Troye said...

It cracks me up that you like me more because you know that I have physically assaulted someone.
And Andrea,
I only added garlic to your recipe, so I guess you could just call it an enhancement as oppossed to an adaptation.

Jackamo said...

Oooh! Andrea, are you gonna' take that? She's saying your recipe needed enhancement! Girl! Oh no she didn't! You should PUNCH HER IN THE FACE!!

Andrea said...

I'm meeting her for lunch on Wednesday...she better watch out! I'm left-handed and you can never see it comin'! I also took offense that I wasn't listed as one of her smartest friends....!

Jackamo said...

It occurs to me that I should change my "Blogger name." Watoosa set me up on her site the first time, and I show up as Jackamo on everyone's blog now. I know that most people don't have a CLUE as to who the heck I am. - Nikki