Jul 9, 2008

Nikki and Troye's Sewing Extravaganza

While we were in Birmingham last weekend, Nikki and I each made an apron together. We had so much fun working, laughing, stitching, creating, staying up late, and laughing some more.

Blake even had to save the day and preform a few repairs on Nikki's sewing machine. I must say that I was super impressed with his willingness to even attempt to repair a machine that he knew nothing about. And he was successful. You da Man, B!

The finished product...
A reversible Emmeline apron. How cute is that? All manner of cuteness.Barefoot in aprons on the front porch.

2 comments that bring me joy:

Jenny said...

You guys rock! I just e-mailed Nik to congratulate her on the apron. They are so cute! I need that pattern. It looks like you guys all had so much fun on the 4th - wish I could have been there with my kiddos too.

Andrea said...

Knock, knock? Is this blog on? Hello? Anybody home?