Aug 22, 2008

Favorite Things Friday

***We interrupt this blog post to let you know that it is officially Saturday***

Crazy has landed in my life and I now bring you the blog post that I started Thursday evening to post yesterday, and I just now returning to the computer. Work with me here, people.
***Now back to the regularly scheduled post**

I have to admit something here to all three of you who read my blog (I know you can tell this will be a life-changing confession)...
I TiVo Oprah every day.
Crazy, I know. I don't even like Oprah, and I don't watch her show. At this point, you may be asking yourself, much like The Man asks me every time he notices the list of episodes, "Why, then, does she record the show daily?"

That is a great question. I absolutely LOVE Oprah's Favorite Things episodes. I record daily to make sure that I catch her favorite things. How fun is it to see gadgets that I have never heard of and never knew that I needed, and now realize that I can't live without them? That is a good time.

I am going to host my own version here for ALL of us. And I would love to hear about your favorite things as well.

One of my newest and greatest favorite things is this wonderful Satsuma body set from The Body Shop.

The body polish has bits of loofa crushed into it to exfoliate the skin, and body wash and body butter smell scrumptious and makes my skin shiny and beautiful. I'm not normally one for "foodie" type smells, but this smell makes me very happy. I'm sorry to any of you who are unfortunate enough to live close to me and who have had to endure me sticking my arm into your faces to experience how wonderful I smell.

So there it is. My first favorite thing. What is one of your favorite things?

1 comments that bring me joy:

Troye said...

Who can help me creat my own banner to use for my Favortie Things Friday posts? I'm wasting a lot of time getting nowhere in the graphics department. :)
Also to anyone else who wants to know where to find the Satsuma body collection, I have a Body Shop at Home consultant who delivers directly to you. Her name is Nicole, and she is also one of my new favorite things!