Aug 26, 2008

It's a good thing I straightened my hair this morning, huh? We don't even know how to act with rain in Atlanta. Thank you, Fay!!! Maybe I shouldn't stand at the bus stop without an umbrella.

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Amy said...

It is cute straightened, but it is really not that bad like that either! How curly is it? I guess I just can't tell from the picture. Did you always straighten it? Kind of like Rachael Blume spiral curling her hair every day with a curling iron? Hope that your party was fun tonight. Sorry that i had to miss it. Soccer started this week and AWANA at church AND curriculum night. Plus we are re carpetting the whole house next week so we are a little busy around here. I can't wait until that is over!! Anyway, your hair looks cute to me! Talk to you later.

Troye said...

Thank you, Friend!
Yes, I have always either straightened or large hot rolled. Libby used to make merciless fun of me because even at the heighth of me doing nothing to beautify myself, I ALWAYS fixed my hair. Sad, but true (and completely necessary).
Basically my hair is just curly enough to be frizzy.
Thank you for the compliment though. You made my night!

Rena Gunther said...

I hope you got just enough rain!

About those ear plugs...they are very effective in drowning out my teens! ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Rena Gunther

Jenny said...

Oh Troye, your hair is still cute.

I have had to stop blow-drying my hair and faithfully using the straightener as my hair has gotten super thick and very frizzy after Ava was born.

If I do have to dry my hair I end up looking just like Chaka Kahn (only a scary blond version). Seriously.