Jan 28, 2009


It's not that I'm dead, just uninspired. If you can call what I do on this blog writing, then I definitely have writers block!!!!!!!!

So, I just decided to post a random photo to (hopefully) get back into the swing of things.
This is an oldie. This was in our temporary apartment in Savannah before we moved into our house. I found Jonah this way. I actually seem to remember a piece of toilet paper hanging from his mouth when I found him as well. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!

Thanks again to the three of you faithful readers who support me even when I don't post. :) Love you!
In joy, Troye

3 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea said...

This doesn't even look like Jonah! But still a cutie. You should have saved the old picture and done a flashback Friday. (And I have a favorite thing I've been waiting to post.... :)

Jackamo said...

It does so look like Jonah! I remember that pic when it was fresh. I can't believe it was that long ago. Man...we're getting OLD.

babydollsandbeerbottles said...

Hahaha... too cute, Troye! Now you can store this picture away to bring out when he has his first girlfriend!