Feb 25, 2009

J's class

On Valentine's Day, we had strawberry cupcakes in J-Man's class. He really enjoyed the super sweet icing!
D received this uber cute V-Day necklace made from saran wrap and candy. He had a really difficult time not touching it for me to snap a photo.

Mason... chillin' with his Capri sun

J got off of the bus Monday afternoon, and said, "Guess what, Mama? I have something VERY funny to tell you.
Tomorrow is FAT TUESDAY!"
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.....
We celebrated Mardi Gras in his classroom with Masks and King Cake.

Ashley got the baby. I can only imagine what her mom thought when she went home and told her mother, "Mom, there was a baby in my cake."

1 comments that bring me joy:

Jackamo said...

Happy Fat Tuesday to J! Laissez les bon temps roulez!!

Of course...the good times have already rolled by this point. So, happy Ash Wednesday!