Nov 29, 2007

Dear Ms. Andrea,
Thank you so much for the #1 puffy finger. I love it. My "team" and "coach" think that it is great. Tell Christian thank you for running it down to me.
Love, JonahJonah doesn't waste his time on a single imaginary friend. He has an entire football team complete with coaches, trainers, and waterboys. He talks to them often, and apparantely they are pretty good because they score A LOT of touchdowns. This finger will help cheer his team to many victories. Of course if it was for the Bulldogs who play in Athens, we would have to raise three more fingers because we are not #1- we are #4. I will take that any day of the week!!!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!
Pay no attention to the fact that Jonah's sleeve is coffee colored from a day at school. Sometimes I don't even ask what he did at school. I sometimes just don't want to know. :)

2 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea Braun said...

Love ya, big guy!

Andrea Braun said...

I'm talking to Jonah- not you, Chris!