Nov 3, 2007

Halloween 2007

We had a blast for Halloween this year. Grant and Jaxon came to trick or treat with us, and because of the non-time change, we kind of set the trend for early trick or treating. A lot of people were not ready for us because it was still so light outside. We loved it! The boys' favorite part of the evening was returning home and getting to pass candy out to the other trick or treaters. Such servants' hearts!!! :)
Just in case you can't figure it out... I was a jailbird, and I talked Kristina into a pointy hat. Aren't we cute?
And finally at the end of the evening, we ended up with a mixture of costumes as the boys swapped props and Jonah became an "off-the-clock" masked Jedi Knight and Grant became a Jedi Mutant Ninja Witch- Can't you just see them popping open the beer and reclining with their hands stuck in the waistband of their pants? Even Jedi Knights and Ninja Turtles have to relax. :)
And finally, the funniest part of the evening was the fact that they (especially Jonah) were particularly frightened by anyone wearing a skeleton costume, which Grant decided to call "Boners." So we had two four year old boys running around the neighborhood yelling that they were afraid of the Boners. We are going to be asked to move...

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Andrea Braun said...

LOVE Daniel's face in this picture...and I will never look at a skeleton costume the same way again...