Oct 5, 2006

Check out this shiner!!!!!

Daniel got into a fight with rocky Balboa during the night Monday night. He woke up with a huge shiner that just continued to worsen throughout the night. I was embarassed that I didn't really know what had happened. When he went to bed Monday evening, he had a small (very small) knot on his forehead well above his eye. He also had a small bugbite right underneath hes browline.
I did not think much of it when he woke up swollen because it did not seem to be bothering him at all. I sent him to school and he was fine. When I picked him up, I felt like it was even more swollen. I called his doc, and they could not see him. They directed me to an immediate care fascility or the ER. I just decided to give him some Benadryl and lay him down for a nap. By the time that I got him up, he could not open his eye. So at 5pm yesterday afternoon we headed out to the immediate care fascility.
I fully expected to be there for several hours. We walked in, sat down to complete our paperwork, sat in the waiting room for less than five minutes and then were taken back to our room. The doc came right in and we were out of there in half an hour. I was amazed. That was devine intervention!!!!!
He apparantly has had an allergic reaction to the bugbite that was on his eyelid. The doc gave us an antibiotic prescription just in case it worsened throughout the night. If it got any worse, that would mean that the bite was also infected, and he didn't want that infection moving into the eye. I agreed. :)
And, sorry. I just had to post two photos and one of Jonah.

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