Oct 22, 2006

We got back from Gatlinburg last weekend, and have had a crazy week. I have included a couple of photos from our trip. We had a great time, and it was beautiful.
Daniel had tubes reinserted into his ears Tuesday morning. Everything went well although he woke up from the anesthesia mad as a hornet. They brought him to me with his IV still in his arm saying that he refused to open his eyes, and he was holding his breath in protest. He finally calmed down and we were able to leave. He was fine once we got in the van.
Therapy was normal last week, although we did get some validation in all of the hard work that we are putting into his special diet. While we were in Gatlinburg, he was obviously off of his diet simply because he would snag his cousins' milk cups or sneak a cracker with wheat. I felt like he acted much more withdrawn and he definitely tantrumed more often. It made me feel much better about the effect that his diet and routine has on his behavior and learning capacity.
Special instruction begins this week with Susan- she comes Monday afternoon for an hour this week because we are going to be out of town during her normal time on Thursday. Also, the Occupational Therapy evaluation was approved, and that will be Monday morning at his therapy center (ironically with a different Susan). He will begin OT on Wednesday at the therapy center. Hope is searching for another OT that can come to the house, but in the meantime, he will receive that therapy during Mother's Morning Out. We also have hired a second Speech Pathologist that will come to our house, so he will get two sessions a week at Kidplay Therapy Center, and one session a week at home.
Things are really picking up around here, so I will do my best to keep you all posted often. We love you all and appreciate your care and support. We don't know how we would do it without you!

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Andrea Braun said...


So glad you sent me your site! How could anyone possibly be bored with the details of your life? It makes my head spin just to read it. So glad to get to know your precious family. Thanks for Friday night-we all had a blast!


Troye said...

Yeah! Someone finally posted a comment. Thank you, Andrea! See, I told all of the rest of you that you could post now. :)

Andrea said...

Not everyone is as technologically advanced as I am, Troye! (HA!)