Oct 11, 2006

We got Susan!

We got Susan!- try to imagine me saying that with gusto just like the song on the musical Annie, but instead of getting Annie, we got Susan!

Daniel has had a great week at "school," but the exciting news this week is that we got one of the special instructors that we were on the waiting list for. We have been on the waiting list for two special instructors that were specifically recommended by Dr. Hobbs. We thought that it would be at least mid- November before either one of them had an opening, and then we didn't know where we stood on the list, not to mention whether or not their time slot would work with our schedule. Well, Susan Sloan, who has seen Daniel at Kidsplay therapy center when she is there working with another child has an opening now at 4pm on Thursdays!!!!!!! That is an awesome time and day for us. We are so excited. She will start next week. The even better part is that she is coming to our house. I thought that we would live too far away for her to be willing to come to us, but obviously that is not a problem. Yeah!!! Susan has over 15 years experience with autistic children, so we feel really fortunate to have her working with Daniel. And, Daniel has just "taken to" her very well at Kidsplay, so no rapport with have to be built.
Y'all should have seen me doing my happy dance in the kitchen when I found out.
Okay, you can stop laughing now!!!

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