Oct 31, 2006

Revised Schedule

Sorry no photos today. The website was not allowing me to upload any pictures, so I will post haloween photos soon!

Things are getting crazy very quickly around here. Almost all of Daniel's therapy has started, and we haven't even talked to the representative about ABA yet.
ABA is the most researched and supported technique used for children with autism, and since PDD is treated the same way that autism is treated, it is the program that I would really like to get Daniel involved with. ABA is Applied Behavioral Analysis also called Early Behavioral Intervention. The results of over 20 years of extensive research is that over 50% of the kids- even some with severe autism- are fully recovered under the program. They do not call it a cure because they have not been able to pinpoint one particular cause for autism, but a full recovery means that these kids are functioning in a regular education classroom with no support and are completely indistinguishable from their peers. 100% of the children have made significant progress whether fully recovered or not. ABA by far has the most research and sound results to back it up, so I would love to start it with Daniel. The clencher is that it requires 20-40 hours a week of intense therapy- that is on top of the eight hours that he is already receiving. Sounds a bit overwhelming, huh? I'm having a hard time keeping up with the eight hours a week much less tripling that time (or more). Also it requres the parent to coordinate and find his or her own therapists. That will be the hard part. My prayer request would be that we would be able to find individuals willing to come to our house, commit for a 6-9 month period, and get paid only $8 an hour.

4 comments that bring me joy:

A. Sharon said...

Goodness and I thought I was busy. Just hang in there. It will all be worth it!! You are such a WONDEERFUL mom and I am very proud of you and the life you have made around your beautiful family. We all struggle, but I know that you will take on every challenge with vigor and love..I love you, A. Sharon

Andrea Braun said...

You know, what you REALLY need are a couple of more children. (Make sure you tell Chris I said that!) :D

Please let me know if you need car has car seats, too!


Chris said...

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! How could you say such a thing Andrea? :-)

Andrea said...


Misery loves company! :D