Dec 9, 2007

Climb Every mountain

We climed Stone Mountain yesterday. The boys did it by themselves and they did a fantastic job. It is a 1.3 mile trail, and the last portion is quite steep. They made it though!!!
Here they are at the bottom of the mountain. Jonah's "hug" looks a little more like a choker hold. Daniel seems to be enjoying it though. :)Midway break... Jonah carried his football most of the way up the mountain. Daniel kept taking picutre breaks. Since Andrea told us that saying "strawberry" before a picture makes a better photo, he kept stopping on rocks periodically, sitting down and declaring, "STRAWBERRY!"
Running at the beginning of the trail...
Afterwards we drove around to see the carving, and the boys REALLY enjoyed climbing around on the rocks at the base of the mountain. They also played a little football on the lawn. They were exhausted, but no one was ready to leave. At this point they had probably walked about four miles. Still going strong.
On the way back to the parking lot, Daniel sat down in the middle of the sidewalk. He didn't fuss or say anything, he just stopped walking. He was not going to take another step. :) So, here is Chris carrying him. When we got within sight of the van, Chris put him down to walk to last few steps, and Daniel screamed and sat down in the middle of the parking lot almost as if to say, "I wasn't joking about not walking anymore." Then he realized that he was right next to the van, and he took off running for his carseat. :) Good times!!!!

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Andrea Braun said...

I love the credit...but knowing Daniel...are you sure he wasn't just hungry? ")