Dec 20, 2007


Last weekend, Chris and I attended my Premier Designs family Christmas party. It was at the Georgia Club, and it was a lot of fun. We played Dirty Santa- where you open gifts and people can steal your gift or open a new one. It can get a little crazy. The "perceived value" of our gifts was to be $20. You could end up with a pretty decent gift. I LOVED what I opened. It was a green snowman serving plate and a cute BIG Christmas mug that said, "Eat, drink, and be merry." I loved it. It got stolen. I stole a $20 Starbucks giftcard- another great gift. It got stolen. I stole the plate and mug back. It got stolen. Once a gift had been stolen three times, it was considered "dead," and couldn't be stolen any more. Of course by this point in the game, everything good was dead, so I opened the last gift that everyone had been avoiding. You could see some sort of stuffed animal peeking out of the top of the gift bag. Come on people this was not white elephant or re-gift time. $20. Seriously. THIS is what I ended up with...
A stuffed monkey massager with a hot/ cold therapy pack. Major re-gift in my book. I think that I might take it back to next year's Christmas party. :)

Big kudos to my precious husband though who found out where the snowman plate and mug came from and went out to get it for me while I was at another Christmas party. He felt sorry for me. So he got me two plates plus the mug. So take that Dirty Santa. Aren't they cute?

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