Dec 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus

Our annual Happy Birthday Jesus Party was a rip-roaring good time. We made wooden block nativity sets, decorated our own ornament cupcakes, and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.
We were the hottest party on the block, and word got out. Even Spiderman (Drake), Mr. Incredible (Grant), and a friendly pirate (Jonah) showed up for the festivities.
Here is Jonah's version of the sacred family...

Maddie, I do think that you have something on your face.
We were the party of brotherly love. Doesn't Daniel look comfy in this photo?
What Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are "suppossed" to look like. My Mary looks surprisingly like she has elephant ears though.
Kristina, Grant, and Grant's cousin Drake. I'm sorry. Mr. Incredible and Buzz Lightyear.
Daniel's nativity. He got tired of it before he completed baby Jesus. Maybe this is what Mary and Joseph looked like before they found the stable. They do look a little worn out and tired.

The craft table...
Jenn "helps" Jason make his nativity. Great work Jason...
Good job Grant. Don't let your mom micromanage your craft.
The Harveys at the cupcake table. What a great looking crew.
Here is a photo of Jonah after the party. Marmie brought Jonah a small shark (you can almost see him on the counter- I never claimed to be a photographer- I'm just proud that the picture is in focus. Aren't you proud, Babe?), and Daniel two frogs- separate cages. Jonah named his shark, Cannon. I helped Daniel choose the names Mary and Joseph for his frogs to help us remember that Marmie gave them to us for Jesus' Birthday.

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