Jun 28, 2008

Karate Kick-a-thon

Jonah was able to participate in a St. Jude Kick-a-thon with karate today. The goal was for the kids to complete 1000 kicks. Jonah was one of the youngest and least experienced kiddos there, but he did great. After 500 kicks, his instructor asked him if he wanted to take a break, and he told him that he wanted to keep going.
Daniel had to sit and watch the entire time, and he was a trooper as well. See him in the bottom of this photo... Jonah is in the white uniform in the center of the group- facing the wrong direction.

I didn't get great pictures, but here is an action shot. This time he was standing in the direction that the rest of the group was facing at least.

And another action shot- back in the wrong direction. Check out that heighth though (and the man's foot that I didn't even notice).

Jonah made it to 600 kicks. At which point, he will want me to let you know that I made him stop. He also raised $60 for St. Jude Children's hospital. Great job, Jonah!!!

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