Jun 11, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Tan before we even started... This was prior to our first time on the beach.
The boys are loving the beach. Jonah has learned to body surf, and we have found all sorts of sea creatures and shells. The seagulls and pelicans are plentiful. Sadly, we have no photos of us on the beach because we are too nervous to take our camera out with the water, salt, and sand.
Jonah's new snorkle and mask set. Let's just say that it works better on land than in the sea.
Check out Daniel's choice of footwear. He is such a trendsetter. He's ready for the ocean.

4 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea said...

Go get one of those cheap disposable cameras for the beach-you HAVE to have beach pictures! They even make underwater ones, which are fun for pool pictures. Glad you are having fun-it's so funny to see pictures of YOU! Way to go Chris-

Things are quiet around here without you-pun intended! Hurry home!

Jackamo said...

Come home. The fact that you're not there makes me miss you more than usual. Blurg.

Jackamo said...

Hey...finally added a pic to my profile. Just seeing if it "took."

Amy said...

Love the snorkel outfit!!