Jun 17, 2008

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life for Me

If you ask Jonah what his favorite thing on vacation was, he will tell you it was the pirate ship. We went on a REALLY REAL pirate cruise, and Jonah and Daniel got to be pirates for a couple of hours. It was a blast. No pun intended even though they did fire a cannon. Never mind that the cannon was about 18 inches long.
The adventure was complete with pirate hats...

A water gun fight (Doesn't he look ready to conquer the high seas?)...

Face painting for little boys and their daddys...

And even some limbo time! How low can you go? What a gnarly looking pirate!

This was so much fun, and a bit of marketing genious. We took the "cruise" on Tuesday and discussed going again on Thursday. What could be better than keeping your children contained (I mean entertained) while you chill on a boat for two hours?
Those pirates are smarter than they let on.

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Jenny said...

By the way, I just had to comment on your pirate post. I have recently been giving my son something called "Pirate's Booty." It's all natural puffed corn and he loves it. But now he's been caught in public shouting, "I want some booty!"