Jun 12, 2008

'That's not a Duck...That's a Pelican!!!"

For those of you who don't recognize the title, it is a quote from Finding Nemo, and we have quoted it often this week. In fact the boys are a little obsessed with pelicans. I must say that Chris and I are as well. It is so fun to watch them dive for their breakfast early in the morning. We had to get a photo of the boys next to the pelican statue. And here is Daniel riding the trolley, which he insisted was a bus, and loving it. You can see the St. Petersburg pier in the background.
The pier was a bit of a disappointment because of the time of day- there was nothing going on- but the trolley ride was well worth the trip.
Then we played games with Daddy's crab legs at dinner.
Daddy only eats the dead crabs, not the live ones- just in case you were wondering. In the pool today, Jonah pretended to be a crab. He would alternate between being a LIVE crab that pinches you, and a dead crab that Daddy could eat. J also got a net to try to capture fish in the ocean. We were not successful with the fish in the afternoon. We will try again tomorrow morning, but Jonah decided to attempt to catch a seagull with our net since the fish were too elusive. I will leave it up to the imagination how successful he was. Here is a hint- we are not sleeping with a seagull in our room tonight.

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