Sep 18, 2008

"I like football because I get to wear a helmet!"

To say that J-Man loves football would be an understatement. Since he was three (or maybe even younger than that), he has wanted to play football and nothing else. Since you have to be six for pee wee around here, we decided to "let" him play soccer last fall to appease the football beast.

No Luck!

The entire time he reminded us that he wanted to play football and there were a couple of times that he had to be reprimanded for tackling. Each time, he would respond "But, I told you I wanted to play football."

He had.

He also loves to watch football. College Game Day Saturdays are always a cause for celebration and a good reason to wear a football jersey (and sometimes a helmet) all day, and he loves to watch the Falcons on Sunday afternoons. Fortunately, he doesn't care whether his team wins or loses yet. :)

Now football has become a source of pride around our house, because this is J-Man's first piece of recognizable art- other than simple stick figures with no action involved.

At the top, right next to the "G," is a football goal and the guy in the middle is holding a football. You may be thinking future Salvadore Dali. I'm thinking future head coach for the Dawgs!!!!! He's already drawing out plays!

For those of you who may be wondering-

Yes, that is hanging on my refrigerator door.

NOTHING hangs on my refrigerator. I knew they would break me down one day!!!!!

In joy, Troye

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