Oct 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!!

We celebrated Elijah's (one of J's classmates and a neighbor of ours) birthday with him this weekend- mad scientist style! How cool is that wig? Jonah was thrilled that I made him try it on for a photo. Who knew it would fit?
With that thing on he really does look like Sputnik. Elijah's mom, Amy, was very insane- I mean brave- to do a few science experiments with the kiddos.
They made GAK.
And put their hands in it!

Notice the kid in the middle that had no gak on his hands. That would have been me as a child. Don't make me touch that nasty stuff.

And, then you can see me standing as far away from the science experiment table as possible in the background. I don't have any idea where the children's sensory issues came from, but my bets are still on The Man.

It was a great birthday. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Elijah!!!!!
Happy Birthday Big Six Year Old!

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