Oct 15, 2008

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch Sunday afternoon. We only passed about a dozen other pumpkin patches on the way, but my sis-in-law assured us that this one was the best. And it was. It was perfect for the preschool/ young elementary aged children. And, when you paid to get in everything was included. Sweet!There was a 30 minute hayride- that we rode twice with Aunt Sharon and JT.
The hayride stopped to let the kids feed the fish.

Pony rides.
A petting zoo...
Complete with hornary old pig that J enjoyed terrorizing.

A wooden maze that ended with a slide.


A playground complete with two sandboxes.

A trainride.

And a firepit for marshmellows. Mmmmmm.

The boys had a blast, and we even picked out a pumpkin. I don't have a photo of that for some crazy reason. I think we were over it by the time we actually made it to the pumpkin patch.

It was Southern Tree Plantation in Blairsville. It is worth the trip- and it wasn't crowded like Burts. Sorry Burt!

2 comments that bring me joy:

Sharona said...

It was pretty great wasn't it! We had a great time and maybe next year we can find some way for J to actually Drive the train!!! :)

Andrea said...

It looks awesome! Burt's was very crowded when we passed it on the way to the mountains-but wasn't crowded at all on the way back... glad we waited!

Of course, we had the DOG so all we got to go was get pumpkins! :(