Oct 6, 2008

I must say that The Man really is THE MAN!!!

D could not figure out why we got up so early Sunday morning or where we could be going in the dark. We left the house before the sun rose and walked approximately a mile in the cold to watch The Man get into Lake Lanier. Is he crazy? It's cold out there!!!We watched him... swim (he's in the blue shorts and dark blue cap coming out of the water)...Bike...And run...
Curious George was a big help cheering on all of the athletes.It was so much fun to watch the man, and to cheer all of the athletes on. C had a lot of fun too. He always took time to wave to us, and as he ran by on his way to the finish line, he stuck his hand out and slowed down so the boys could high five him. Isn't he a great daddy? His friend David also competed. I don't know if they will still be friends today since C was the one to talk David into signing up for this- and it was David's first tri. We wanted to make sure that Curious George did not feel left out of the family photo!
And here is the reward...
Okay, that and the satisfaction of completing ANOTHER triathalon!!! We are so proud of you, Baby!

Okay, and check out this guy. Before C came out of the water, I saw a guy going over to the water's edge with a pair of crutches. I thought, "Oh no, someone is losing it and having to be helped out of the water." Well, then this amazing man came out of the water with one leg!!!!!!

Here he is on the bike. I did not catch him on the run, but I assume he switched to a regular wheelchair for the 3.1 mile run as I have seen other wheelchair bound triathletes do.
WOW! Kind of makes me feel like a lazy sloutch. I think I'll go run now!!!

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Andrea said...

Way to go, C! You make us proud!