Oct 13, 2008

Karate Graduation

Jonah graduated to the next level in Karate Saturday. He is now advanced white- green belt. He also moved up to the red uniform. Does anyone else sense a marketing genius here?
As Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible states in his feature film, "They just keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity." I'm beginning to think that it might not just be the celebration of mediocirty as much as the exploitation of parents' desire to see their children recognized. Of course we will pay for a new uniform if you include a ceremony.But, I just mean that about all of the other kiddos that were involved in the graduation because of course J's graduation was deserved. Look at that punch!!!
Plus, check out how small his uniform is. I was going to have to buy him a new one anyway. Yes, that is is stomach hanging out of his old uniform. Also what mom would not be excited to get her five year old son out of a WHITE karate uniform? Red is so much more forgiving in the laundry department.
Apparantly, he also likes to get the 80's off the shoulder look going.
This is how D spends his time during karate... Great fun!!!!

1 comments that bring me joy:

Jackamo said...

Oh! I'm so proud! Tell him to super spy chop something just for me! Love to the J-Man!