Nov 11, 2008

Boys will be Boys- Day 8 Revisited

Andrea, this is what Coleman was doing yesterday afternoon when he came to pick up the safety pins. He went straight into the backyard when he heard the boys playing. They took turns barreling down the hill and knocking each other off of the crazy coupe!

Since I am a little behind in my thankful month- the entire fam has been under the weather- this is one of my catch up thankfuls! I love that we live in a neighborhood with great neighbors whose kids feel comfortable letting themselves into the back yard to play. How great is that!!!

I am also very thankful for Coleman and Christian- Andrea's boys- who are our runners. Whenever I need to borrow something or she needs something from me, Coleman and Christian become our instant couriers. Thanks guys!!!!!!!

1 comments that bring me joy:

Andrea said...

What a nice, um, great, um, cute! shout out! I will let my kids come knock your kids off of cars any.time.

: )