Nov 24, 2008

Finally...Susannah's Fave Things

All rightie Girls! Here is is finally. It has only taken me two weeks to get this together.

And, by the way, today I am thankful for finally finishing this post. So, here goes...

My friend Susannah moved to California two weeks ago.

On her last Girls' Night, she made us promise not to do anything special. "No goodbyes." So, we didn't say goodbye, we just hosted "Susannah's Favorite Things."While we ate dinner (chicken lettuce wraps and egg rolls), we brought out her first box of her favorite things.

Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop (and I must agree it is a little slice of heaven!)

And Sea Salt Caramel Truffles from Scoops.

After dinner, we brought out round 2.

A chick-fil-a pez dispenser

Cute kitchen gloves

Cranberry room spray

And, cute gift cards.

After supper, we all sat around the coffee table and shared a variety of cakes from a local bakery. Chocolate Raspberry. Chocolate Chocolate. Some other Chocolate. And, Banana Cream.
The finale...

A Williams-Sonoma Holiday Cookbook.

A set of ramekins.

And, a recipe book full of Susannah's favorite recipes that we each contributed.

Here is the gang.

Susannah, Anna (and Dylan), Amy, Kimberly, Kristina, and me.

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