Nov 17, 2008

Day 17- I'm thankful!

Only my best of friends get to see me like this (so if you are reading this post, you may now consider yourself a BFF)...
My hair has always been a constant source of irritation. Even at the height of my "townie" days, when I was trying my hardest to make it look like I didn't care about my appearance, and I didn't do anything else to enhance my appearance, I still had to "fix" my hair every day. I have very course, wirey hair. Back in the day I had to completely blow dry my hair- about 15 minutes with an ultra powerful dryer (and I shoot through at least a couple a year)- and then hot roll it to get any sort of manageability. This is what I look like after a complete blow dry (and let me just tell you this grows throughout the day here in the humid south).
About five years ago, I discovered the new and improved straightening iron. I have been through about four of these as well, but they are a necessity in my life. I generally have to use a pretty expensive one because of the damage that I do adding so much heat to my hair on a daily basis. But, here it is: My Precious!!!!!!!

And, here is the after shot. It takes only about five minutes to accomplish a straight, flat, shinier look.

And, there you have it. I am thankful for my flat iron and for the hair stylist whose name I can't remember in Savannah, who first introduced me to the new and improved styling tool.
And, yes, I am trivial enough that I have already posted TWO thankfulness days about my hair.

4 comments that bring me joy:

Anonymous said...

OMG - I'm right there with you Troye... and mine has only gets more wirey (is that a word?) the older I get. I couldn't survive without my straightener, but I think next time I'm going to pop for a Chi (my last few have broken way too fast)!

The Love's said...

I love my Chi, Troye. I could not live without it. I forgot it one weekend when I traveled, and pretty much hid myself the entire weekend. I am EXTREMELY thankful for my Chi! And...there we go again, with another similarity. One day, let's meet up, with our hair "au natural." Bet neither one of us will very cute.

Jackamo said...

If you and JLove get together without me, I will be filled with bitter remorse. You wouldn't know how eerily similar you are if I hadn't introduced you. I don't have a Chi, but I am using the straightener on a daily basis right now. LOVE IT. Troye was the FIRST person to ever straighten my hair,aka - the land o'fullness.

Jenny said...

I'm right there with 'ya! After having my two kids, my hair got super frizzy. I don't have wiry hair, it's kind of fine, but I have a TON of it and I give up after 10 min. of blowdrying. My Chaka days are slowing getting behind me as I take up the flat iron too.