Nov 6, 2008


I am in a somewhat reflective state of mind this afternoon, so as I ponder what I want post that I am thankful for, I am inclinded to post something serious again. Deep is great. Do not get me wrong. I am thinking of multiple serious things to post right now, but I promised to keep it light this morning, so I will save the more special things for later this month.

For Day 6 of the Thankful Blogging Challenge, I would like to proclaim my gratefulness for hair dye. I know that it will come to a shock to many of you that I have to color my hair at such a young age. I have actually colored my hair since I was 22 years old when my first few grays appeared, so I have had plenty of time to come to terms with those nasty critters. I have tried every box of color available at the drug store- and I only tiger striped my hair once. The Man even helps me color at home. I have also visited many salons in my day to have professional color- and there is definitely a difference!

I know that hair dyes contain many things that are probably bad for my body, but it is one of those things that falls into the I-am-vain-enough-not-to-care category!

So, here is to Lady Clairol and the entire hair dye industry. I salute you! Thank you Lord for giving them the insight to help me avoid growing old gracefully!!!

Of course Proverbs 16:31 says, "Gray hair is a mark of distinction, the award of a God-loyal life."
Is it okay for me to ask God to reward me in some other way? Plus aren't we suppossed to watch out for pride in our lives? Does anyone else see how my head full of gray could become a source of pride? I guess I will just have to be humble and keep reaching for that bottle!!!

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Jackamo said...

Dye on sister! You look beautiful no matter what your hue!